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"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."                                                             Herman Melville

Herman’s philosophy rings true for me as well, for creating one of a kind, unique quilts allows me to succeed or fail on my own, without following someone else’s “quilt rules”.  It really is a thrill to see a finished piece, one you have nurtured from conception to completion.

Fabric is my chosen medium as it provides me with the ability to take a flat, one dimensional material and manipulate it into a multidimensional piece with texture, depth, and movement.   I enjoy combining geometric shapes with natural forms to create visual interpretations of abstract concepts.   The challenge of selecting the right piece of fabric to represent a specific image is exciting for me.


I usually make a rough sketch of my idea, though occasionally I just let the fabric do the talking.  At times the quilt will speak loudly and other times barely whisper.  During those moments I will let the piece marinate for a while to allow me to view it later with “fresh eyes.”  I found that fusing the fabrics to a background very liberating as it provides me with the ability to change them as the process progresses.   Once I am satisfied with the completed image I will sew the fabrics in place to enhance its’ durability.


One could never confuse my quilts with traditional bed quilts for they are meant to be hung on the wall to be appreciated.  They often reflect world occurrences, pictorial images or make a personal statement-be it whimsical or somber.

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